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Slide Gate for Ladle

The sliding gate plates are divided into upper and lower slide gate plates.To meet the needs of continuous casting and reducing steel-making costs for steel plant, we have developed unburned slide gate series products-unburned Al-C slide plate, which adopts tabular corundum and high pure graphite, adds in proper amount of additive and antioxidant, uses phenolic resin as binder, pressed under press machine.The unburned Al-C plates have the following features: no need to be burned, tar impregnated and distilled, simple processing.

The slide gate plate is used in the process of steel casting, widely used in large ladle, middle ladle and small ladle.

• Excellent thermal shock resistance
• High strength at high temperature,
• Excellent resistance to erosion
• Good resistance to rushing scour.
• Low rough degree after slide surface is used
• Low fissure expansion coefficient

Note: The above datas are the representative average value measured in accordance with the test methods for general purpose and vary with the fluctu ations of normal production conditions.These datas are provided as a technical service, sometimes may be adjusted, so they should not be regarded as the product index.