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General purpose refractory products

Description Model
Phosphate combined alumina brickP-75 / PA-77
Modified phosphate combined alumina brickPG-75 / PG-80
Low porosity clay brickDN11 / DN14 / DN17
Low creep clay brickDRN-125 / DRN-120 / DRN-115 / DRN-110
Low creep high alumina brickDRL-155 / DRL-150 / DRL-145 / DRL-140 / DRL-135 / DRL-130 /DRL-127
Corundum brickGYZ-99A / GYZ-99B / GYZ-98 / GYZ-95
Corundum mullite brickGMZ-88 / GMZ-85 / GMZ-80 / GMZ-75
Silicon nitride and silicon carbide combined brickTDG-1 / TDG-2 / LDG / YDG
Anti-crusting castableKJP-25 / KJP-35 / KJP-45 / KJP-55
High intensity mullite castableHMC-65
Steel fiber reinforced castableF1 / F2 / F3
Mullite castableMC-60 / MC-65 / MC-70
High alumina high intensity castableG-14 / G-15 / G-16 / G-16K
Corundum mullite castableG-17K

Note: The above datas are the representative average value measured in accordance with the test methods for general purpose and vary with the fluctu ations of normal production conditions.These datas are provided as a technical service, sometimes may be adjusted, so they should not be regarded as the product index.