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LZ Refractories is one diversified refractory materials group. Products cover raw materials, refractory bricks, castables, ceramic products, new materials, carbon materials, etc, which are applied in fields of Cement, Limes, Iron & Steel, Non-ferrous, Refractories, Carbon, etc.

The core business is Luzhong refractory for rotary kilns, especially the Cement, Limes and Alumina.

• Founded in 1979, reformed to joint-stock in 2002

• Professional manufacturer of refractories for cement kilns,total production capacity is 200,000 t/a

• The top 3 supplier of refractories for cement kilns in China

• Complete technology provider (covering from basic to acid refractories)

• 70% products manufactured for cement industry

• No1 invent the Magnesia Hercynite brick in China

• No1 invent LTC-Magnesia Alumina Spinel brick (MLJ series-two layers)for transition zone worldwide.

• No1 invent the Ceramic tube for preheater worldwide
LZ refractories not only provides high-quality products, but also offers services, like refractory installation, tailored solution & technical assistance in order to help with cement plants with their manufacturing efficiency. More





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